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Power Station

We can provide comprehensive solutions for continue power generation on Power station. We are sophisticated on providing full solutions on power station as we have involved in supplying for power stations construction around the world.

According to the characteristics of the power station's demand for generator set, single-machine, multi-machine parallel, silent generator, Container Type Generator can be provided by us.

High-quality generator set automatic control function, ATS automatic transfer switch system monitors multi-channel mains and circuit faults in real time, so that each generator set/unit group start to work immediately to ensure the normal transmission of city power when the city power grid is cut off.

Environment Conditrion

1.Working altitude suitable for 5000 meter or below

2.Working temperature with minimum of around -40°C (can use water heater and oil heater)and maximum around 50°C

3.Flat Silent Canopy Type, Container Canopy Type generator is designed to being anti-rusty and it sufficiently avoid rain/sand/rock into the canopy, and it still keeps sufficient air intake.

4.Large base fuel tank to extend working hour from 12hours to 24hours, .Auto-fuel-transfer system ensure engine to run continuously by transferring fuel from external  tank to base fuel tank.

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