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We provide comprehensive solution for prime/standby power generator from 10-3000kva for buildings. Usually use standby power source when main/city power shut down. Our generators are widely used in many areas, including skyscrapers, shopping mall, hotels, restaurants, school, house and etc.

High-quality generator set automatic control function, ATS automatic transfer switch system monitors multi-channel mains and circuit faults in real time, the generator set can start to work immediately  when the city power grid is cut off. 

Environment Conditrion

1. The basement is hot and humid, the ventilation and heat dissipation are not good. we can carry out complete circuit and ventilation design, adopting open frame type, remote heat dissipation and condensation tower to facilitate heat dissipation and so on.

2. Working altitude suitable for 3000 meter or below

3. Working temperature with minimum of around -40°C (can use water heater and oil heater)and maximum around 50°C 

4, Open type, Silent Type, container type are for optional.

5. Large base fuel tank to extend working hour from 12hours to 24hours, Auto-fuel-transfer system ensure engine to run continuously by transferring fuel from external tank to base fuel tank.

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